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Community Makes us

June is the month of the Great Get Together which is all about bringing people together from across our community to celebrate our rich and diverse cultural history, and the wonderful people who live and work in Batley. The Great Get Together also helps to tackle loneliness through one connection at a time!
The young people and staff of Healey School are fantastic ambassadors for this sentiment and have been hard at work to provide a brilliant community resource in the heart of Batley, next to the library. Two telephone boxes are now wonderful display spaces showcasing the great work that takes place by the local More In Common group, and the 21 local schools who are part of BBEST Community Hub. Healey School has made this space better still, by planting up a huge 'cut and come again' planter where local people can come and take herbs they may wish to use at home in their cooking. It is a free community resource and is open to everyone. Community Makes Us.