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This week we celebrate the achievements of one of our Year 12 BG6 learners (who attends the sixth form at Batley Girls' High School) who participated in the national debate final at Windsor, organised by the Historical Association. This amazing and inspiring student is a role model to others, young people and adults, alike. She has an exciting future ahead of her and the focus for her debate, following the theme of local places or people of significance, was the famous Batley Variety Club that attracted stars from around the world. Her debate focused on how one person's idea can become a reality with hard work, dreams and ambition. In the 1960s Batley was put on the map for great nightlife; and now in 2024 we are putting Batley on the map for great education.


Lindsay outlines how important a person's actions are, and how their actions can positively impact on the people and world around them. She articulates superbly well the significance of the place that shapes these people, the area they are born in, the place they grew up in, and the four walls encompassing their life story and achievements. Lindsay states that the surroundings of our ancestors made the great things they did possible. This piece of history shares a truly powerful message to remind us that community and a sense of sanctuary, hope and belonging are the most important aspects of our history and indeed, of our society. 


You can read Lindsay's full piece here. We are all so incredibly proud of her and, as you will read, Batley was and continues to be, the place to be!