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Batley Breakfast

Welcome back! We hope you have all enjoyed a relaxing half term break and spent time with family, friends and doing things that make you happy. The Batley Buzz was definitely in the air at the end of last term with a great Batley Breakfast event at Healey School. The Headteacher, Mrs Lang, and her team hosted a super event when they opened their school doors to those in governance roles across our Trust family of schools.


The Batley Breakfast events are a key part of our Trust Governance Strategy. These events enable our team of governance professionals; including Members, Trustees and Governors, along with school colleagues, to have a firsthand experience of our school environments. They meet with the Headteacher and their team to see how the school's vision aligns with the Trust vision and values, and to observe the progress the school is making towards their key priorities for the year. 


These breakfast events also provide the opportunity for those with a governance role to tour the school site, witness the quality of the learning environment and really get a feel for how the school operates, as well as meeting colleagues from across our Trust family of schools.


Those in governance roles have a key leadership role in our organisation, and it is crucial that they know our schools well and are therefore able to make informed strategic decisions when reviewing finances and budgets, site improvement works, and suchlike. They really do play a vital role in our organisation, and as volunteers they give their time so generously. We thank everyone who has a governance role in our organisation immensely for their time, commitment, dedication and ongoing support in ensuring we are the Trust at the heart of the Batley community, and that every young person receives a great education here in Batley.