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Batley Get Talking

During World Mental Health Day our Trust family of schools raised awareness about how important it is for us all to look after each other, not just for that one day, but every single day.


This starts with ourselves in terms of keeping our bodies fit and healthy, eating well and sleeping well. It is also about being able to say when you are not feeling ok, and asking others for help. Sometimes it is ok, not to be ok. Each of our schools has a slightly different approach to wellbeing in their school for their young people, their staff and their community, but what unites us all is that looking after each other is a high priority for everyone!


We support the national campaign Britain Get Talking and we ask that Batley Gets Talking. Our schools have school councils or student leadership groups and wellbeing champions/ambassadors so there are lots of different places where everyone can access support if they need it. We also ask parents/carers to help by speaking to their children regularly. As Dr Lucy Maddox, Consultant Clinical Psychologist said; "It's easy to think children and young people aren't aware of the things we're worrying about as a parent, but they often pick up more than we think, or they might have other worries of their own."


Let's get Batley talking because, often, a problem shared is a problem halved.