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Fit for the King

What a wonderful weekend for bringing people together! We've seen school parties and street parties; and millions of people volunteering their time to help others during The Big Help Out. Across our family of schools there have been so many superb opportunities to celebrate our great country and fantastic community, as well as the wonderful people who live and work here.


Manorfield Infant and Nursery School was a sea of red, white and blue last week with the most delicious, coronation themed cupcakes on offer. The Batley Buzz was evident throughout the school with so many parents/carers getting involved to help both the school and their children. Well done to all our schools for the varied ways in which they celebrated the King's Coronation and this moment in history. 


The coronation events themselves showcased a plethora of talents and skills. We are very proud that a parent from one of our schools sang in the Coronation Choir live in Windsor. What a great role model to have in our Trust community - truly superb! The whole weekend showcased the power of music, the arts, creativity in all its forms, and the power of community. Developing these skills in all our young people, and removing any barriers to learning and success are key to young people's future achievements. Did anyone else shed a tear when the highly talented 13 year old, Lucy, played the piano so beautifully? Lucy was amazing and an inspiration to us all. 


"The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create." Barack Obama.