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Hope and Belonging


It was a weekend filled with hope for a brighter future for our country, and for our young people in the appointment of a new Education Secretary, with a renewed focus on education as a key priority for our country. We look forward to seeing the changes she and her team will implement moving forward to support school leaders in ensuring every school in this country is a great school, and every young person receives that high-quality education coupled with first-class care, guidance and support.


Education matters, and there is arguably no other profession more rewarding in which to work. We need to recruit the very best people to work in our schools, and train them well in addition to supporting them each and every day, so they know how valued they are and how much their hard work is appreciated.


We also congratulate the England footballers on their success this weekend. Bukayo Saka was magnificent, giving the team fresh hope of success and penalties made it a nail-biting end to the game. The tennis stars of Wimbledon even gave a nod to England's success when the cheers from spectators rang out across centre court. Great 'sportsmanship' was evident everywhere this weekend. Exciting times ahead!