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Let’s tackle loneliness together: One conversation at a time.

Monday 17th January is the start of the Great Winter Get Together. The theme is all about bringing people together, and about helping each other so people don’t feel isolated or lonely. Young or old loneliness doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can feel lonely, and at some point in our lives all of us do. It is ok to admit that, and it is ok to reach out for help. Our family of schools supports the Jo Cox Foundation, and this national campaign to help tackle loneliness one conversation at a time. Not enough people realise that the age group most likely to experience loneliness is actually those between the age of 16 to 24 years old.

So for the next 2 weeks of the Great Winter Get Together campaign we are asking everyone to reach out to other people in any way you can. You can do this in a variety of ways such as calling a friend or a relative for a chat; meet up with someone you think may need a friend either in person or virtually, or send a handwritten letter or card to someone. You could also visit the community library located on our Upper Batley High School site, and take a free game, puzzle or book. Afterall, you are never alone when you have a good book.

Let’s help each other and tackle loneliness together, one conversation at a time. No act of kindness can ever be underestimated. See the Great Get Together website for further details of how you can be involved.