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People Make Places

This week we would like to thank our whole community for their generosity, especially during an economic crisis when times are hard for everyone. People gave generously last week to the fundraising events across our family of schools, and the giving was not simply about money, but it was also (and much more so) about giving time to help others. 


There can be no greater gift than the gift of time. This may mean giving your time to help someone else who looks a little sad or down, just by being there for them, to provide a listening ear. It might be calling a friend or a relative to say hello and check they are ok. It could even mean donating your time to help pack and deliver food hampers to families who need that little bit extra help and support. A big smile, a friendly face and a small act of kindness can mean the world to other people. No act of kindness can ever be underestimated.  


This week staff from across our family of schools are generously giving their time for the People Make Places group to put together food hampers, toy hampers and festive packs. These will be added to over the coming weeks, and then delivered to families who need them the most, to ensure people in our community have the support they need during the December period. Community Makes Us and it's the unity in community that is key.