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School of Sanctuary

Our young people at Field Lane School have been working hard to define what it means to be a School of Sanctuary. They have produced a truly wonderful display on their main school corridor entitled, 'Humanity Inspired' although the photograph accompanying this blog does not do it justice. Please take time to have a look, first hand, if you have the privilege to visit Field Lane School. 


The children have produced some truly outstanding artwork to illustrate the different challenges many people sadly face in their lives, and there are some extremely heartfelt descriptions of how hard life can be and how we can, and should, all help each other through those difficult times.


One that really caught my eye was a beautiful illustration of a boulder in the road. Both the text and the sketch were produced by a Year 3 child and it reads: 'This is a bump in the road. It is a metaphor for finding something difficult or a problem that you can't solve. These bumps get deeper and deeper, harder and harder to solve.'


The children talked about how we can work together to help overcome our bumps in the road. This really is humanity inspired. Let's work hard to develop our resilience to overcome our own challenges and bumps in the road, and support others to overcome theirs.


TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.