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The climate has no borders. – 1 November 2021

We hope you have all enjoyed the half term break.Our family of schools finished last half term with Activate Week. A week where everyone tried to be more active, for both our own emotional wellbeing (healthy body, healthy mind) and for our planet. Some young people walked or cycled to school, rather than travel by car, and many families tried ‘park and stride’ where although they still travelled to school by car, or bus, they were dropped a little further away from the school gates and walked a little more than they usually would. Every little helps. This week some of the world leaders are meeting in Glasgow for COP26 to discuss climate change and what we can all do to help reduce pollution. In our local area reducing congestion on our roads is key, so reducing the number of cars on the road at school morning drop off and afternoon pick up times really does help to make a positive difference overall. The actions of each and every individual, make a big difference overall in protecting our planet for the next generations to enjoy as we have.