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The power of reading. – 29 November 2021

This week our Trust family of schools are celebrating the power of reading. Whether it is reading a bedtime story every night; older children reading to younger siblings; reading the newspaper; reading a great novel or your favourite magazine-all reading is good for the mind. Reading can help to relax and unwind, and can take you to far away places you have always wanted to visit. During these strange times of a global pandemic some escapism, or the chance to travel the world via a great book can never be underestimated. For young people reading is a crucial life skill, and an interdisciplinary skill which benefits every single subject area, and benefits your child’s progress overall. Reading for just 10 minutes each day has a hugely positive impact on children’s literacy levels, even turning subtitles on when your child is watching their favorite cartoon or movie really helps to encourage them to read. Never miss a reading opportunity. Those who say they don’t like reading, simply haven’t discovered the best books for them yet. Field Lane School has a wonderful new forest themed library, and Upper Batley High School has a community library where anyone is welcome to borrow books for free.